Guitar Pro Tab Player for Mobile Phones

Select the tablature file you want to play on the mobile phone or device. The supported formats are: *.gtp, *.gp3, *.gp4, *.gp5.
Character encoding for title, track names and marker names in the tab file.

PocketTab is a tablature player for mobile phones and devices. If you are the musician who often practices with Guitar Pro background track, please try PocketTab. It supports Guitar Pro formats and has other handy features.

PocketTab is like Guitar Pro for mobile phones. It's a mobile guitar tab player, which can be used to play tablatures during your practicing sessions. It works on any Java-enabled mobile phone. You can take your phone guitar tabs with you to your band rehearsals and play those mobile tablatures using any Java-capable mobile phone.

When you won't have a PC access, you still can practice with the mobile phone tab using PocketTab. It is also a useful tool for drummers. You can even try to use it on a repetition when one of the group members is absent! :)